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             abstract = "Several new applications of space tethers to maneuver spacecrafts 
                         have been suggested recently. Some of them are combinations with 
                         the sling shot effect used in several interplanetary missions. In 
                         one type of this family of applications, the tether is attached to 
                         an asteroid to make a rotation of the spacecraft, so giving energy 
                         to send it to the exterior planets of the Solar System or beyond. 
                         A similar idea is to make the capture of spacecrafts by a planet 
                         of the Solar System using tethers fixed on their moons. In both of 
                         these proposals, the tether is carried on-board the spacecraft and 
                         anchored to the celestial body during the approach phase. Another 
                         possibility is to build an {"}Escape Portal{"} using a tether 
                         permanently fixed in an asteroid to give energy to spacecrafts to 
                         go to the outer planets. The present paper explores in more detail 
                         a combination of those two proposals to build a {"}Capture 
                         Portal{"} for the planets. The main idea is to build a permanent 
                         structure fixed on one of the moons of a given planet, so that it 
                         can be used for an unlimited number of maneuvers. With this goal, 
                         this research searches for equilibrium points that can be used to 
                         place the above structures. The type of force in the tether and 
                         the stability of the points are also considered. The results shown 
                         here can give some insights in the problems that appear when 
                         building such Capture Portal.",
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