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             abstract = "In order to fulfill the needs and preferences of todays web users, 
                         adaptive Web applications have been proposed. Existing adaptation 
                         approaches usually adapt the content of pages according to the 
                         user interest. However, the adaptation of the interface structure 
                         to meet user needs and preferences is still incipient. In 
                         addition, building adaptive Web applications requires a lot of 
                         effort from developers. In this paper, we propose an approach to 
                         support the development of adaptive Web applications, analyzing 
                         the user behavior during navigation, and exploring the mining of 
                         client logs. In our approach, called RUM (Real-time Usage Mining), 
                         user actions are collected in the applications interface and 
                         processed synchronously. Thus, we are able detect behavioral 
                         patterns for the current application user, while she is browsing 
                         the application. Facilitating its deployment, RUM provides a 
                         toolkit which allows the application to consume information about 
                         the user behavior. By using this toolkit, developers are able to 
                         code adaptations that are automatically triggered in response to 
                         the data provided by the toolkit. Experiments were conducted on 
                         different websites to demonstrate the efficiency of the approach 
                         to support interface adaptations that improve the user 
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