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             abstract = "Systems-of-Systems (SoS) often support critical domains. They must 
                         be trustworthy, i.e., they must keep their operation in progress, 
                         being not subject to failures, as they can cause potential damages 
                         and hazards to human integrity. Simulations are a recurrent 
                         approach in SoS development, as they can anticipate potential 
                         failures, consequently increasing the level of trustworthiness and 
                         quality exhibited by a SoS. Nevertheless, simulation is still 
                         software and demands engineering. Moreover, many simulation 
                         formalisms are not trivial of specifying, sometimes tangling 
                         software an hardware details to program an executable simulation. 
                         Thus, the aim of this paper is contributing for software 
                         engineering of SoS by externalizing two patterns for the 
                         conception of SoS simulations. We evaluated our patterns by 
                         applying them in a case study in two different domains. For both, 
                         patterns were successfully applied during automatic generation of 
                         functional code, supporting the execution of SoS simulations and 
                         prediction of SoS behavior at design-time.",
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