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             abstract = "Complex and highly integrated products demand an enhancement of 
                         product assurance processes to ensure they will perform as 
                         expected, especially in harsh environments, with improbable 
                         maintenance, dangerous operations and limited budget, as happens 
                         with space products. This research paper identifies a set of 
                         similarities between aeronautical and space products, and how 
                         aeronautics as a global industry, largely commercial and with a 
                         very high safety level developed over decades can be an amazing 
                         source of experience for the space industries. In addition, a 
                         comparison was done between the space product assurance process, 
                         which normally belongs to space agencies, and the corresponding 
                         aeronautical process, the type certification, driven by aviation 
                         authorities. As a result of such comparison, two practices from 
                         the aeronautical industry have demonstrated great potential for 
                         improvement and applicability regarding a space product assurance 
                         process: 1) continued airworthiness and 2) design organization 
                         approvals. Firstly, as happens with aeronautical products, a 
                         special focus on safety aspects is given to the continued 
                         operation of space products, defined as spaceworthiness, based on 
                         product certification and several post-certification activities 
                         that may be adopted by space product operators. Secondly, as a 
                         state of the art for space product certification, the adoption of 
                         a Space Design Organization Approval (SDOA) appears to be not only 
                         an answer for space products certification but also a feasible way 
                         for Space Authorities to attest design quality. Finally, it is 
                         worth mentioning that the organizations evaluated in this paper 
                         have their work based on internationally recognized standards. 
                         Therefore, the information employed is generally relevant to the 
                         international public and not only limited to the satellite 
                         product. Such information could be extended to space products in 
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