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             abstract = "This article reports a novel and efficient method to synthesize 
                         graphene using a thermal decomposition process. In this method, 
                         silicon carbide (SiC) thin films grown on Si(100) wafers with an 
                         AlN buffer layer were used as substrates. CO2 laser beam heating, 
                         without vacuum or controlled atmosphere, was applied for SiC 
                         thermal decomposition. The physical, chemical, morphological, and 
                         electrical properties of the laser-produced graphene were 
                         investigated for different laser energy densities. The results 
                         demonstrate that graphene was produced in the form of small 
                         islands with quality, density, and properties depending on the 
                         applied laser energy density. Furthermore, the produced graphene 
                         exhibited a sheet resistance characteristic similar to graphene 
                         grown on mono-crystalline SiC wafers, which indicates its 
                         potential for electronic device applications.",
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