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                         evolution. We developed a semi-analytical model that provides the 
                         evolution for 11 chemical elements since Pop III stars (Z = 0) 
                         started to die until the formation of Pop II stars with metalicity 
                         Z = 2.10-2 Zsolar . Results indicate that C, N and O could play a 
                         very important role on the formation of planets. By modelling the 
                         cosmic planet formation rate (earth-like and gas giants) estimated 
                         in [1] and the amount of metals removed from the interstellar 
                         medium in the formation process, we can investigate the role of 
                         chemical elements (mainly C, N and O) on the formation of planets 
                         since the universe was very young (about 180 Myr, z = 20). We are 
                         also able to briefly dicuss at what point the avaibility of metals 
                         in the universe could provide conditions to foster the formation 
                         of the first chemical building relevant to the appearance of 
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