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             abstract = "In this paper we analyze images of a lightning flashover induced 
                         by a downward negative lightning flash that struck a transmission 
                         line located in S{\~a}o Paulo, Brazil. The lightning flash and 
                         the flashover were recorded by a high-speed camera running at 
                         10,000 images per second. The approach of the negative downward 
                         leader did not launch an induced positive upward leader prior to 
                         the return stroke. One of the AC transmission lines that run over 
                         a railway line was struck. The flashover exhibits an oscillatory 
                         behavior. The flickering of the image occurs at exactly 120 Hz. 
                         The return stroke that struck the line had an estimated peak 
                         current of a moderate intensity. It was however, followed by a 
                         continuing current lasting 17 ms and an intense M-component that 
                         may have contributed to the occurrence of the flashover.",
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