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                         development LOX/Ethanol L75 liquid rocket engine. To this end, an 
                         object-oriented program written in C++ was developed. The program 
                         is intended to be versatile and easily extensible in order to 
                         analyze different configurations of liquid rocket engines. The UML 
                         (Unified Modeling Language) tool is used to model the architecture 
                         of the codes. UML diagrams help to visualize the code structure 
                         and the communication between objects, enabling a high degree of 
                         abstraction. The cryogenics Vulcain and HM7B engines power cycles 
                         along with the staged-combustion SSME engine perform the 
                         verification of the codes. Finally, the influence of changes in 
                         design parameters on the performance and dry mass of the L75 
                         rocket engine is analyzed.",
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