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             abstract = "The present paper studies the formation flight of four 
                         nanosatellites forming a tetrahedron. The main goal of this 
                         research is to find the relative orbits of these satellites that, 
                         at least in the linear Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire model, ensure 
                         finite relative motion and keep the volume and shape of the 
                         tetrahedron configuration. Since real motions of these satellites 
                         will differ from the linear ones, especially under the influence 
                         of the perturbation, active control is necessary. In addition, the 
                         limited size of the satellites does not allow us to use a complex 
                         3-axis attitude control system. In the present paper we consider 
                         the passive magnetic attitude control system and suppose that the 
                         thrust direction is always aligned with the local geomagnetic 
                         field. In order to increase mission lifetime the control algorithm 
                         that minimizes the propellant consumption and keeps the 
                         tetrahedron volume and shape is investigated.",
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