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             abstract = "The current debate on corporate social responsibility was 
                         triggered by the understanding that companies should be 
                         responsible for mitigating the impacts of their activities on the 
                         society and the environment. In this paper, drawing on the 
                         structural power of business, we examine the rule-setting power in 
                         which sugarcane ethanol companies engage, and then discuss why 
                         these companies develop and use institutions to promote 
                         sustainability. We use a machine learning algorithm, latent 
                         Dirichlet allocation, to identify companies' commitment to 
                         sustainability and business-led governance by analyzing a large 
                         volume of data from public corporate documents. The results reveal 
                         36 main themes that demonstrate the rule-setting power of the 
                         sugarcane ethanol industry through voluntary standards, codes of 
                         conduct, and corporate social responsibility these companies use 
                         as indicators of superior social and environmental performance and 
                         to show sustainability is embedded in companies' priorities. 
                         However, the results also show critical issues of unsustainable 
                         production practices can affect industry image and stress 
                         socio-environmental relationships. These issues can be ameliorated 
                         with integrative governance that considers the independence of the 
                         sectors involved in ethanol production.",
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