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             abstract = "The importance of taking the organic forms of nitrogen (ON) into 
                         account when estimating atmospheric nitrogen deposition has been 
                         known for a long time. However, there is still only a modest 
                         amount of data on organic nitrogen in rainwater worldwide, largely 
                         due to the difficulties and uncertainties imposed by the available 
                         analytical methods. This work offers a simple, low cost, and 
                         reliable method for the determination of ON in rainwater, based on 
                         the photo-Fenton process under UV irradiation. The recovery of ON 
                         was determined using individual solutions of urea, serine, 
                         glycine, and histidine, as well as a mixture of all these 
                         compounds plus arginine. Close to 100% organic nitrogen recoveries 
                         were obtained for solutions containing 50 \μmol N 
                         L\−1, using addition of 50 \μmol L\−1 Fe2+ and 
                         2.0 mmol L\−1 H2O2, with adjustment of the pH to 
                         \∼2.5 and irradiation for 90 min. The average reagent blank 
                         was <2.0 \μmol N L\−1. The homemade reactor employed 
                         a 400 W high pressure mercury lamp, from which the external bulb 
                         had been manually removed. The reactor ventilation was controlled 
                         in order to maintain the temperature at \∼85 C. The 
                         precision of the method ranged from 1.3 to 5.7%, based on ON 
                         recovery. Rainwater collected on an event basis in Ribeir{\~a}o 
                         Preto (S{\~a}o Paulo State, Brazil) presented ON concentrations 
                         from 4.1 to 34.3 \μmol L\−1 (n = 18), corresponding 
                         to 1345% of the total nitrogen, with an average contribution of 
                         33%. Precision of \≤7.0% was obtained for the analysis of 
                         ON in rainwater.",
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