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             abstract = "Context: Secondary studies should be updated from time to time to 
                         include new evidence to preserve their value. It is recognized 
                         that one search technique to update secondary studies is forward 
                         snowballing and that the number of studies identified is dependent 
                         on the electronic databases selected. However, there is no 
                         consensus on what electronic database is most appropriate for 
                         applying forward snowballing. Objective: The main goal of this 
                         study is to evaluate the use of different electronic databases for 
                         applying forward snowballing to update secondary studies. Method: 
                         Six updates were performed using forward snowballing with support 
                         from two electronic databases, one specific (IEEE Xplore) and the 
                         other generic (Google Scholar) and three combinations were 
                         evaluated to obtain new evidence during secondary studies 
                         updating: (1) searching using Google Scholar as electronic 
                         database; (2) searching using IEEE Xplore as electronic database; 
                         and (3) searching using both, IEEE Xplore and Google Scholar as 
                         complementary electronic databases. Results: The use of a specific 
                         electronic database is not indicated for forward snowballing 
                         application to update SLRs, since many relevant studies may not be 
                         identified. However, the use of a generic database is sufficient 
                         to discover the majority of the studies. Conclusions: The emergent 
                         contribution of our work to the body of knowledge in the SLR field 
                         is to add empirical evidence regarding the use of different 
                         electronic databases to support forward snowballing application 
                         during secondary studies updates. These results should help 
                         reviewers when they decide to find evidences to update their 
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