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             abstract = "Motivated by the needs of the Integration and Testing Laboratory 
                         (LIT) of the Brazilian Institute for Space Research (INPE), this 
                         paper aims to analyze how the information of space products life 
                         cycle processes are determined from the models used for their 
                         development, considering a model-based approach. With a focus on 
                         Space Systems Engineering, exemplified with the satellites 
                         Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) process, we analyzed the 
                         relationship between Systems Engineering models with a future 
                         Information System to support the product lifecycle process. There 
                         are various business processes to perform the satellite life cycle 
                         phases. Integrated with each other, they deliver the final result. 
                         A business process is a set of activities or related tasks that 
                         are performed to deliver an expected result. Information Systems 
                         are a good way to improve the business processes performance. AIT 
                         is one of the satellite life cycle processes. Doing AIT is so 
                         complex and many equipment, people, tasks and information are 
                         involved in it. So far, at LIT/INPE there is not an Information 
                         System that support the whole AIT process practiced there, and the 
                         storage and exchange of AIT information is document based. The use 
                         of documents as a primary source of data makes it difficult to 
                         retrieve information during the process, requires a lot of effort 
                         from the team involved in it, and sometimes causes delays in 
                         activities. There is a worldwide trend for a shift from the 
                         document-centric to the model-centric approach to engineering 
                         complex systems. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) improves 
                         Systems Engineering practices using models to represent the system 
                         in various aspects. Models are built to represent requirements, 
                         structure and behavior of systems. These models, among other 
                         advantages, become consistent and reliable sources of information 
                         to support the various phases of the product lifecycle. Concerning 
                         the LIT case, the MBSE benefits as well as the adoption of 
                         Information Systems can improve the AIT process. We must consider 
                         that build good models that faithfully represent a system demands 
                         effort and skilled workforce. Equivalent effort and workforce are 
                         needed to build Information Systems that faithfully meet the needs 
                         of a business process. There is a relationship between these two 
                         activities and collaboration between them can be helpful to reduce 
                         development effort.",
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