author = "Chisabas, Roy Stevenson Soler",
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             abstract = "Since the start of the space race, satellites have become 
                         indispensable for everyday activities. Much of the investment in 
                         research and development was not just for created new payloads and 
                         experiments. A good part was used in research, design, and 
                         manufacture of systems to test their functionalities, performance, 
                         and quality, increasing their reliability. These investigations 
                         represented the design of Space Environment Simulation Systems, as 
                         well as Thermal Load Simulation Systems and devices (Solar 
                         Simulators, Cold Plates, Infrared Lamps, Infrared Arrays, Thermal 
                         Canisters, Skin Heaters, Cal-rods, among others), were designed to 
                         act specifically in the space sector. However, other equipment 
                         originally was developed for a distinct purpose and nowadays has 
                         been carefully adapted for use in space environment simulation 
                         tests. The systems and devices mentioned above are commonly used 
                         in the environmental testing campaign of large satellites; 
                         nevertheless, it is possible to adapt them for use in performing 
                         thermal tests of Small Satellites. At present, some SmallSats 
                         developers ignore the existence of practices, devices, and 
                         techniques capable of helping, enriching and, in some cases, 
                         generating monetary savings in the thermal tests necessary for the 
                         development and subsequent qualification of their projects. This 
                         paper describes, relates and suggests the use of some devices and 
                         support systems normally used for the execution tests in large 
                         satellites that can be adapted and used in performing thermal 
                         tests in Small Satellites. In this article, we will analyze the 
                         types of systems and devices, their application, particularities, 
                         type of assembly, combination, compatibility with the test 
                         environment, advantages and disadvantages, among other topics 
                         necessary for the understanding of developers of all types of 
                         Small Satellites.",
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