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             abstract = "We present an adaptive parallel solver for the numerical 
                         simulation of ideal magnetohydrodynamics in two and three space 
                         dimensions. The discretisation uses a finite volume scheme based 
                         on a Cartesian mesh and an explicit compact RungeKutta scheme for 
                         time integration. Numerically, a generalized Lagrangian multiplier 
                         approach with a mixed hyperbolic-parabolic correction is used to 
                         guarantee a control on the incompressibility of the magnetic 
                         field. We implement the solver in the AMROC (Adaptive Mesh 
                         Refinement in Object-oriented C++) framework that uses a 
                         structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) method 
                         discretisation-independent and is fully parallelised for 
                         distributed memory systems. Moreover, AMROC is a modular framework 
                         providing manageability, extensibility and efficiency. In this 
                         paper, we give an overview of the ideal magnetohydrodynamics 
                         solver developed in this framework and its capabilities. We also 
                         include an example of this solvers verification with other codes 
                         and its numerical and computational performance.",
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