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                         Dependence (RMCD) based on the recurrence plots theory, in order 
                         to study the role of the Amazon River basin (AM) as a 
                         land-atmosphere bridge between the Niño 3.0 region in the Pacific 
                         Ocean and the Tropical North Atlantic. Two anomalous droughts in 
                         the Amazon River basin were selected, one mainly attributed to the 
                         warming of the Tropical North Atlantic (2005) and the other to a 
                         warm phase of El NiñoSouthern Oscillation (2010). The results of 
                         the RMCD analysis evidence the distinctive behavior in the causal 
                         information transferred between the two oceanic regions during the 
                         two extreme droughts, suggesting that the land-atmosphere bridge 
                         operating over the AM is an active hydroclimate mechanism at 
                         interannual timescales, and that the RMCD analysis may be an 
                         ancillary resort to complement early warning systems.",
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