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                         two-dimensional superconducting arrays induced by an external 
                         driving current, in the presence of thermal fluctuations and a 
                         magnetic field corresponding to f flux quantum per plaquette. 
                         Recent experiments have identified this transition as a dynamic 
                         vortex Mott insulator transition at vortex densities near rational 
                         values of f . The critical behavior is determined from a scaling 
                         analysis of the current-voltage relation near the transition, 
                         obtained by Monte Carlo simulations of a Josephson-junction array 
                         model in the vortex representation. For a square-lattice array, 
                         the critical exponents obtained near f = 1/2 are consistent with 
                         the experimental observations. The same scaling behavior is 
                         observed near f = 1/3. For a honeycomb array, although similar 
                         results are obtained for f = 1/3, the transition is absent for f = 
                         1/2, consistent with an incommensurate vortex phase.",
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