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             abstract = "Context: Software testing is a knowledge intensive process, and 
                         therefore can benefit from the use of experience gained from past 
                         projects. In this context, principles of Knowledge Management (KM) 
                         can be applied to promote knowledge capture and sharing as well as 
                         the emergence of new knowledge. In spite of this, there are only 
                         few studies that present practitioners' perspective about KM 
                         initiatives in software testing. Objective: The main goal of this 
                         study is to identify the perception of professionals in software 
                         testing on the use of KM initiatives in software engineering 
                         companies, such as KM adoption, potential benefits or hindrances. 
                         Method: A survey was conducted in software development companies. 
                         In addition, the survey results were compared with another survey 
                         conducted previously in the same context, however, with different 
                         objectives and target audience. 39 software companies participated 
                         in this research. Results: Testing planning activity and the test 
                         case reuse are the aspects that have received more attention by 
                         companies. A strategic planning and reuse of existing test cases 
                         have a potential to significantly reduce software development 
                         costs and time. Conclusion: Applying KM in software companies can 
                         bring several benefits in terms of quality of results, reduction 
                         costs, time and effort. However, it is still a challenge to be 
                         faced and tackled.",
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