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             abstract = "Investigations on CVD diamond deposition on steels for high 
                         performance tools development persisted over years. Literature 
                         makes out the need for an intermediate layer to improve adhesion 
                         and film quality. This work studied Thermo Diffused Vanadium 
                         Carbide (TDVC) coating deposited on AISI O1 steel by thermo 
                         reactive diffusion (TRD). Thick TDVC layers formed by varying the 
                         thermo diffusion time from 1 h to 12 h. Hot Filament Chemical 
                         Vapor Deposition reactor (HFCVD) growth conditions variation made 
                         possible diverse diamond films growth, from ultrananocrystalline 
                         to microcrystalline. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron 
                         microscopy with a field emission gun (FEG-SEM) and Raman 
                         spectroscopy were the characterization techniques used. The TDVC 
                         coating showed up as an excellent diffusional barrier and, also, a 
                         compressive stress reliever. The thicker high quality and adherent 
                         HFCVD diamond film grown over the TDVC had a thickness of 3 
                         \μm. A TDVC cross-section of 35 \μm thickness could 
                         effectively mitigate diamond residual thermal compressive stress 
                         state after cooling.",
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