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             abstract = "The primary difficulty in measuring dynamical masses of galaxy 
                         clusters from galaxy data lies in the separation between true 
                         cluster members from interloping galaxies along the line of sight. 
                         We study the impact of membership contamination and incompleteness 
                         on cluster mass estimates obtained with 25 commonly used 
                         techniques applied to nearly 1000 mock clusters with precise 
                         spectroscopic redshifts. We show that all methods overestimate or 
                         underestimate cluster masses when applied to contaminated or 
                         incomplete galaxy samples, respectively. This appears to be the 
                         main source of the intrinsic scatter in the mass scaling relation. 
                         Applying corrections based on a prior knowledge of contamination 
                         and incompleteness can reduce the scatter to the level of shot 
                         noise expected for poorly sampled clusters. We establish an 
                         empirical model quantifying the effect of imperfect membership on 
                         cluster mass estimation and discuss its universal and 
                         method-dependent features. We find that both imperfect membership 
                         and the response of the mass estimators depend on cluster mass, 
                         effectively causing a flattening of the estimatedtrue mass 
                         relation. Imperfect membership thus alters cluster counts 
                         determined from spectroscopic surveys, hence the cosmological 
                         parameters that depend on such counts.",
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