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                         E  B crossed fields for deposition of DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) 
                         films. The stabilities of various plasma discharges, as well as, 
                         the produced plasma confinement were enhanced significantly with 
                         the magnetic field application. Experimental tests corroborate the 
                         positive action of E  B mechanism for the improvement of PIII\&D 
                         (Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition) in metal tubes. 
                         As regards to the structure of the obtained carbon films, the 
                         magnetic field application improves their diamond-like character. 
                         Magnetically confined plasmas resulted in DLC films with 
                         defectfree morphology and lower roughness. Using this type of 
                         PIII\&D setup is highly recommended for inner surface coating of 
                         tubes when highly disordered DLC films are required.",
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