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             abstract = "Software Defined Radio (SDR) uses a processor, a special receiver 
                         and software that play the main parts of the receiver (mixer, 
                         filters, amplifiers, modulators, demodulators, etc.) and it is 
                         quite advantageous for its flexibility and compact size as it 
                         reduces the amount of hardware components while adapting for 
                         different needs. This work briefly presents the SDR concept and 
                         approach for obtaining satellite telemetries and imagery in the 
                         context of different modulation schemes, link budget requirements 
                         and different satellites types. Two case studies are presented for 
                         supporting affordable ground segment and promoting satellites 
                         projects in Brazil. Reception from the 1st Brazilian 
                         picosatellite, Tancredo-1, with specific software developed, UbaTM 
                         is presented for obtaining satellite raw telemetries, convert them 
                         to engineering value and friendly present on user screen. A series 
                         of support software packages are then introduced so that one can 
                         pipeline various operations and automate tasks in the ground 
                         station. Finally, a second study case was performed in order to 
                         receive NOAA class satellites imagery over VHF band and decoded by 
                         specific software freely available. Using the proposed SDR 
                         approach, it can adapt to projects mainly those with a limited 
                         budget and outreach for major inclusion on space topics in 
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