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             abstract = "Direct deposition of CVD diamond on steel produces useless diamond 
                         film which delaminates on cooling from deposition temperature 
                         [19]. The majority of current research efforts focus on single and 
                         multiple intermediate layers for CVD diamond deposition on steel 
                         substrate. There are many excellent diffusional barriers to 
                         transition metals migration from bulk to substrate surface to form 
                         graphitic sp2 bonds. However, there is no practical solution to 
                         the thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) mismatch between diamond 
                         and steels. In this work we use a vanadium carbide thermodiffused 
                         coating as the intermediate layer between diamond and AISI O1 
                         steel substrate. It acts as a diffusional barrier and mitigates 
                         diamond residual stress after cooling from CVD temperature. 
                         Increasing vanadium carbide layer thickness creates a transition 
                         zone that attenuates diamond residual stress. Up to now, the 
                         vanadium carbide is the only single layer barrier able to inhibit 
                         graphitic phase formation and mitigate residual stress in diamond 
                         films to the level of 0.54 GPa.",
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