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             abstract = "This study aimed to characterize the average seasonal pattern of 
                         the vegetation in southern grassland in Brazil, and the 
                         variability found in the time series of vegetation indices. It 
                         also sought to identify similarities in the seasonal pattern of 
                         different grassland typologies. Moderate Resolution Imaging 
                         Spectroradiometer (MODIS), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index 
                         (NDVI) and Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) images from Feb to Dec, 
                         2000 to 2014 were analyzed for ten regions. The grassland 
                         typologies studied showed EVI and NDVI profiles consistent with 
                         the seasonal dynamics of grassland vegetation under the influence 
                         of a subtropical climate, with highest values in the indices 
                         during the warm seasons of the year (spring and summer) and lowest 
                         in the colder seasons (autumn and winter). Considering the values 
                         of EVI and NDVI, grassland typologies were allocated to four 
                         groups with similar temporal profiles. Among the groups formed 
                         from the EVI index it is possible to identify differences between 
                         grassland typologies during the autumn and winter, while the NDVI 
                         showed differences only in winter as compared to the other 
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