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                         the agenda of several multilateral environmental agreements and 
                         global goals. We performed a systematic review to discuss the 
                         extent to which biodiversity research has addressed the interface 
                         between ES and HWB and we focused on Brazil as a case study of 
                         global relevance. We found that biodiversity research in Brazil 
                         remains focused predominantly on biological processes and that 
                         research on the links with ES and HWB is in its early phases, 
                         exhibiting scarce connections with provisioning and cultural 
                         services. This pattern reveals the nature of existing funding 
                         policies and scientific gaps in the country. Given the global 
                         relevance of Brazil's stock of biodiversity and ES, we argue that 
                         research on their links with HWB will be a crucial element of the 
                         national and global process of achieving Sustainable Development 
                         Goals by 2030.",
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