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             abstract = "In this paper, the design and the experimental validation of a 
                         polarization reconfigurable microstrip phased array is presented. 
                         The reconfigurability between the right-handed (RHCP) and 
                         left-handed (LHCP) circular polarization is achieved using 
                         electronic switches (PIN diodes) combined with truncated corners 
                         microstrip radiators. In the design, special attention was given 
                         to the matter of reducing back lobe radiation effects using the 
                         concept of asymmetric positioning of the radiators with respect to 
                         the ground plane. Afterward, the main lobe axial ratio behavior 
                         for several beam steering and side lobe level conditions are 
                         investigated. Finally, the polarization reconfigurability is 
                         achieved and the design is validated through the good agreement 
                         between theoretical and experimental results.",
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