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             abstract = "In this paper we present a new methodology, DaOBML, to test 
                         environmental models whose outputs are complex artifacts such as 
                         images (maps) or plots. Our approach suggests several test data 
                         generation techniques (Combinatorial Interaction Testing, 
                         ModelBased Testing, Random Testing) and digital image processing 
                         methods to drive the creation of Knowledge Bases (KBs). 
                         Considering such KBs and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, a test 
                         oracle assigns the verdicts of new test data. Our methodology is 
                         supported by a tool and we applied it to models developed via the 
                         TerraME product. A controlled experiment was carried out and we 
                         conclude that Random Testing is the most feasible test data 
                         generation approach for developing the KBs, Artificial Neural 
                         Networks present the best performance out of six ML algorithms, 
                         and the larger the KB, in terms of size, the better.",
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