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             abstract = "With the purpose of making the use of model based techniques in 
                         industrial software development more efficient, this work proposes 
                         the combined application of two verification techniques: model 
                         checking with UPPAAL and CoFI (Conformance and Fault Injection) 
                         model based testing with ConData. This combination is supported by 
                         ConTEA, a software tool for automatically connecting UPPAAL to 
                         ConData, and, therefore, explore both techniques simultaneously. 
                         We present the tool and discuss the use of ConTEA in two different 
                         development processes. The first process investigates how CoFI can 
                         contribute to identify gaps in the specification and implicit 
                         assumptions made by engineers when applying model checking. The 
                         second process focuses on how model checking can improve the 
                         development and verification of the models that are used for model 
                         based testing. The proposed processes were applied to three case 
                         studies. Based on them, we compare the proposed processes to the 
                         traditional CoFI and UPPAAL stand-alone processes. The results 
                         indicate that the combined use of the two verification technique 
                         contributes to the identification of a large range of diversified 
                         errors and problems early in the development cycle.",
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