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             abstract = "Research on Nonlinear Transmission Lines (NLTLs) has long been 
                         carried out to produce oscillating pulses. The radiofrequency (RF) 
                         pulses generated by the NLTLs can be radiated by antennas 
                         connected to the output of the lines. Possible applications of 
                         NLTLs as an RF generator include aerospace radars, 
                         telecommunications, battlefield communication disruption, and 
                         medical devices. There have been relatively few articles that 
                         presented experimental results regarding the extraction and the 
                         radiation of the RF signal from NLTLs. This article reports the 
                         excellent results obtained with a low voltage lumped capacitive 
                         NLTL in which oscillations of the order of 230 MHz were produced 
                         and radiated using DoubleRidged Guide (DRG) antennas. The RF 
                         signal was extracted using a decoupling circuit based on a 
                         Chebyshev high-pass filter. The NLTL was evaluated through time 
                         domain and frequency domain analyses of the pulsed RF signal 
                         measured on a resistive load connected to the output of the line, 
                         as well as on transmitting and receiving by antennas. The LT-SPICE 
                         model of the line was implemented and the comparison of simulation 
                         and experimental results presented a good agreement.",
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