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             abstract = "The main idea of this paper is to propose the construction of an 
                         Escape Portal to send a spacecraft to the exterior planets, or 
                         even to make it escape from the Solar System, using a Tethered 
                         Sling Shot Maneuver (TSSM) with an asteroid. The construction of 
                         this portal allows an unlimited number of maneuvers with the same 
                         tether, which is very interesting when considering a possible use 
                         for small satellites. This structure would be formed by a tether 
                         that remains fixed in an asteroid. At the other end of the tether, 
                         a large net is fixed, such that the only action required from the 
                         spacecraft to make the TSSM is to hit the net. The net can have a 
                         mechanism to open a passage to release the spacecraft when the 
                         desired rotation is obtained. This technique would avoid some of 
                         the problems that appear when assuming that the spacecraft needs 
                         to carry a tether on board that would be released to hit the 
                         asteroid just before the maneuver.",
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