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             abstract = "Context: Managing knowledge is one of the main challenges for 
                         software development organizations. Thus, the principles of 
                         Knowledge Management (KM) are presented as determinant and 
                         effective factors for the software product quality. There are 
                         several approaches to applying KM in an organization. However, for 
                         a KM approaches to succeed, it is important to conduct a KM 
                         diagnostic in order to analyze the KM current state that already 
                         exists in the organization. Objective: The objective of this paper 
                         is to present the results of a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) 
                         conducted to summarize existing research on KM diagnostic in 
                         software development organizations. Method: SLR was performed by 
                         searching four electronic databases. We also performed backward 
                         snowballing from reference lists of selected studies. Results: 
                         From the SLR, we identified 24 studies addressing investigated 
                         differents approaches related to KM diagnostics in software 
                         development organizations. Conclusion: Based on our results we 
                         conclude that in the software engineering context the KM diagnosis 
                         practice still does not seem consolidated.",
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