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             abstract = "Water resources are fundamental for the social and economic 
                         development of a country and sustainability is the best approach 
                         to treat water-related problems. Therefore, sustainability studies 
                         of water resources are deemed urgent. Sustainability analysis 
                         methods should enable space-temporal monitoring, decision-making, 
                         and development of policies necessary for water governance. 
                         Furthermore, sustainability analysis methods should also integrate 
                         environment and socioeconomic variables into a single system. In 
                         this context, this study aimed to assess the water sustainability 
                         conditions of the River Grande Basin (BHRG), Brazil, before the 
                         implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP), 
                         using the Barometer of Sustainability tool (BS). The River Grande 
                         basin was in an almost unsustainable condition and under high 
                         environmental stress. A significant imbalance between 
                         environmental and human well-being in the system was also 
                         observed. To achieve an acceptable sustainability condition, it is 
                         thus necessary to improve the environmental quality of the area. 
                         Among the priority thematic area, native vegetation recovery was 
                         the most urgent. Overall, the sustainability study based on the BS 
                         not only facilitates comprehension regarding environment and human 
                         interrelationships, but also provide references for policy 
                         formulations and water management.",
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