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             abstract = "This paper presents the influence of different sizes of carbonyl 
                         iron particles on the reflectivity measurements of Radar Absorbing 
                         Material (RAM). The electromagnetic characterization was performed 
                         with a vector network analyzer and a rectangular waveguide in the 
                         frequency range of 12.4 to 18GHz (Ku Band). The influence of 
                         different parameters such as thicknesses, particle sizes and 
                         concentration of carbonyl iron were evaluated. Reflectivity 
                         results showed the influence of these parameters on the 
                         performance of the RAM. The best reflectivity values (~ -18 dB) 
                         were obtained for samples with 60 wt% concentration and 5 mm 
                         thickness. We provide information about significantly reflection 
                         loss improvement by simply controlling carbonyl iron particulate 
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