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             abstract = "Conductive polymers such as polyaniline (PANI) are materials 
                         useful as a filter for electromagnetic interference (EMI). This 
                         work consists of the study of the composite polyaniline@carbon 
                         fiber felt, annealed previously to 1600K under action of 
                         electromagnetic field in the range of microwaves, in order to 
                         better understand the relationship between its electrosynthesis 
                         parameters and their behavior as an EMI filter. The 
                         characterization of composite was realized by Electrochemical 
                         Impedance Spectroscopy and Electromagnetic Response. 
                         Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy showed that the felt shows 
                         typical behavior of amorphous carbon, which underwent gradual 
                         changes with the cycles, increasing the capacitance and decreasing 
                         the electrical resistivity.",
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