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                         events are potential candidates to affect the global atmospheric 
                         electric circuit. One can study these effects using measurements 
                         of the atmospheric electric field in fair weather regions. In this 
                         paper, we investigate deviations of the atmospheric electric field 
                         daily curve during solar disturbances (solar flares and solar 
                         proton events) from mean values obtained in fair weather 
                         conditions. Using the superposed epoch analysis, in order to 
                         enhance the visualization of small effects, we study the 
                         atmospheric electric field data observed between January 2010 and 
                         December 2015 at the Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito, San Juan, 
                         Argentina. The results show no deviation of the atmospheric 
                         electric field after solar flares, and an increase of about 10 V/m 
                         after solar proton events. The last result suggests possible 
                         ionization effects above thunderstorm in disturbed weather 
                         regions, which alters the global atmospheric electric circuit. On 
                         the other hand, we analyze the variation of the atmospheric 
                         electric field during a ground level enhancement on 17 May 2012, 
                         which was capable to produce changes on the surface electric 
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