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             abstract = "Experimentally characterizing evapotranspiration (ET) in different 
                         biomes around the world is an issue of interest for different 
                         areas of science. ET in natural areas of the Brazilian Pampa biome 
                         has still not been assessed. In this study, the actual ET (ETact) 
                         obtained from eddy covariance measurements over two sites of the 
                         Pampa biome was analyzed. The objective was to evaluate the energy 
                         partition and seasonal variability of the actual ET of the Pampa 
                         biome. Results showed that the latent heat flux was the dominant 
                         component in available energy in both the autumnwinter (AW) and 
                         springsummer (SS) periods. Evapotranspiration of the Pampa biome 
                         showed strong seasonality, with highest ET rates in the SS period. 
                         During the study period, approximately 65% of the net radiation 
                         was used for the evapotranspiration process in the Pampa biome. 
                         The annual mean ET rate was 2.45 mm d\−1. ET did not show 
                         to vary significantly between sites, with daily values very 
                         similar in both sites. The water availability in the Pampa biome 
                         was not a limiting factor for ET, which resulted in a small 
                         difference between the reference ET and the actual ET. These 
                         results are helpful in achieving a better understanding of the 
                         temporal pattern of ET in relation to the landscape of the Pampa 
                         biome and its meteorological, soil, and vegetation 
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