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                         field |B| during a rope-rope magnetic reconnection event measured 
                         by ACE and Cluster on 1 February 2002. This event is characterized 
                         by three interplanetary magnetic flux ropes (IMFR), a bifurcated 
                         current sheet, and evidence of rope-rope magnetic reconnection. 
                         The time series of |B| is divided into five intervals 
                         corresponding to interior regions and boundary layers of the three 
                         IMFRs. We quantify the degree of intermittency by computing the 
                         scaling exponents of the structure functions at each interval. In 
                         addition, we investigate the parabolic relation between the 
                         normalized third-order (skewness) and fourth-order (kurtosis) 
                         statistical moments. The parabolic relation is enhanced during 
                         magnetic reconnection demonstrating that rope-rope magnetic 
                         reconnection is the origin of non-Gaussian coherent structures in 
                         the solar wind.",
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