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             abstract = "Magnetic reconnection permits rearrangements of the interplanetary 
                         and magnetospheric magnetic fields and the entry of solar wind 
                         mass, energy, and momentum into the magnetosphere. Thus, magnetic 
                         reconnection is a key issue to understand space weather. However 
                         it has not been fully understood yet when, where and how magnetic 
                         reconnection takes place at the dayside magnetopause. In the 
                         present study dayside magnetopause reconnection events are 
                         investigated using THEMIS (since 2007) and MMS (since 2015) 
                         observations in order to find the answer to those questions 
                         mentioned above. The position, plasma beta value, jet flow speed, 
                         and Hall field intensity related to those reconnection events are 
                         compared with interplanetary parameters (solar wind speed, number 
                         density, magnetic field intensity and direction, etc.) and 
                         geomagnetic indices (e.g., AE, AL, SymH, Polar Cap potential 
                         etc.). The purpose of the comparison is to clarify the solar wind 
                         magnetopause reconnection geomagnetic activity relationship. It is 
                         expected that the results will shed light on the understanding of 
                         the dayside magnetic reconnection process, which in turn is 
                         crucial to provide a better prediction capability for the space 
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