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             abstract = "The search for data on climate change by researchers, government 
                         agencies or private companies is a recurrent demand. However, it 
                         is hampered by the means of access to this type of information, 
                         mainly due to the complexity of extracting, reformatting, and 
                         making this data available, which can exceed terabytes in size. 
                         The PROJETA platform aims to automate the process of extracting 
                         and making available the dataset of global climate change 
                         projections downscaling to 20 km over South America generated by 
                         the model Eta at CPTEC/INPE. The data request, processing, and 
                         conversion process, which used to be done manually and in a 
                         oneto-one data delivery basis. The objective of this work is to 
                         describe the methodology used to create the platform PROJETA and 
                         the information made available. It is a service that allows access 
                         to a broad set of different climatic variables. This dataset is 
                         available to different users via the Web or API, in a flexible way 
                         in terms of data format and data volume. In addition, it 
                         integrates technologies that allow the access to the database in 
                         an efficient and easy way for use in studies of impact, 
                         vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change in various 
                         socio-economic sectors.",
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