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             abstract = "The tropopause region is an important factor for the Earth 
                         climate, generating considerable interest in terms of global 
                         energy balance. Bearing this in mind, this work presents a 
                         detailed study of the behavior of the tropopause, about 
                         temperature and altitude, over Natal-RN. It is analyzed radiosonde 
                         data of meteorological balloons launched by the Center of Launches 
                         of Barreira do Inferno (CLBI), during the years from 2010 to 2014. 
                         It was verified 1849 cases, which the minimum temperatures of the 
                         tropopause were compared with theresults provided by the MSIS-90 
                         model. The preliminary results indicated that the average 
                         temperatures provided by the model always have higher values, 
                         however not exceeding the amplitude of 10 K of difference. Also 
                         was possible to observe there is a variation in the height of the 
                         base of this region, being lower than that provided by the model, 
                         with a difference of approximately 1 km. The results obtained are 
                         of great importance for studies in climate sciences and aeronomy, 
                         since they can serve as a basisfor possible and future changes in 
                         the model, making possible new updates.",
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