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             abstract = "The aim of this study was to investigate impacts of Amazon Forest 
                         (AF) fire and conversion to pasture on carbon accumulation in 
                         particle size fractions and organic matter (OM) composition of an 
                         Acrisol. Soil samples were collected (0.00-2.00 m depth) in three 
                         sites: native AF (NAF); AF under natural regeneration for two 
                         years after burning (BAF); 23-years old Brachiaria pasture after 
                         AF burning (BRA). Assuming NAF area as reference, BAF and BRA 
                         areas showed negative carbon balance when carbon emitted to the 
                         atmosphere at AF burning is taken into account. Soil OM 
                         aromaticity and hydrophobicity, assessed via 13C nuclear magnetic 
                         resonance, in BRA and BAF were similar to that in NAF. Fire and 
                         post-fire land use altered the carbon distribution in sand, silt 
                         and clay along the soil profile and seem to have affected 
                         organo-mineral and OM self-assemblage interactions, since the 
                         relation between total soil carbon and carbon in clay was 
                         asymptotic in BAF and linear in NAF and BRA.",
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