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             abstract = "The paper presents an overview on recent research concerning heat 
                         transfer using two-phase devices, namely thermosyphons, heat 
                         pipes, and pulsating heat pipes using nanofluids as working fluids 
                         in order to emphasise their potential in heat transfer. Relevant 
                         experiments performed by the authors are presented in order to 
                         support the conclusions, together with some theoretical 
                         considerations about the heat transfer using nanofluids, their 
                         selection and application, and the effects of nanoparticle 
                         deposition due to nanofluid boiling. As shown, there is a 
                         significant potential of using nanofluids in two-phase heat 
                         transfer devices, and their success in improvement of the thermal 
                         performance of these devices depends on the transport of 
                         nanoparticles, which can occur if the vapour has the potential to 
                         transport the nanoparticles with it.",
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