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             abstract = ". This research employs the recently introduced Gamma phase space 
                         to study the evolution of warm cloud microphysics, to evaluate 
                         different microphysics parameterizations and to propose an 
                         adjustment to bulk schemes for an improved description of cloud 
                         droplet size distributions (DSDs). A bin parameterization is 
                         employed to describe the main features of observed cloud-top DSD 
                         paths in the Gamma phase space. The modeled DSD evolution during 
                         the warm cloud life cycle is 5 compared to the results obtained 
                         from HALO airplane measurements during the ACRIDICON-CHUVA 
                         campaign in the Amazon dry-to-wet season transition. The 
                         comparison shows an agreement between the observed and simulated 
                         trajectories in the Gamma phase space, providing a suitable 
                         qualitative representation of the DSD evolution. The degree of 
                         similarity between the trajectories is defined by the conditions 
                         of the environment, such as the aerosol number concentration, 
                         which modify the DSD evolution through modulation of its driving 
                         forces. The modeled DSD properties were also projected in the Nd 
                         \− Def f space 10 to obtain further insights into their 
                         life cycle. Two different bulk microphysics parameterizations were 
                         evaluated regarding the evolution of the DSD and using the bin 
                         scheme as a reference. The results show the weakness of bulk 
                         schemes in representing trajectories in the Gamma phase space; 
                         thus, a new closure is proposed for better comparisons to the 
                         reference. The new closure resulted in an improvement in the 
                         representation of the DSD evolution, cloud droplet effective 
                         diameter and rain mixing ratio.",
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