author = "Riehl, Roger Ribeiro",
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             abstract = "This paper presents the experimental results on two-phase pressure 
                         drop related to microchannel flows during convective condensation. 
                         Two pumping systems, one being on a capillary pumped loop (CPL) 
                         mode and the other being with a magnetic driven pump with variable 
                         flow rate, were used in the experimental apparatus to test 
                         microchannel condensers with methanol as the working fluid. Tests 
                         were conducted for two different saturation temperatures, for a 
                         range of heat dissipation rate from 20 to 350 W, four microchannel 
                         condensers and mass flow rates of up to 600 kg/m2 s. The results 
                         showed that the microchannel condensers presented high pressure 
                         drop (up to 63 kPa) for the mass flow rate applied, which is 
                         mainly related to the microchannels reduced geometry. The levels 
                         of pressure drop observed were also considered high, as only 
                         laminar flow was verified during the tests. A correlation for the 
                         two-phase multiplier was obtained to correlate the experimental 
                         data, which showed to predict 85 % of the experimental results 
                         within an error range of less than 35 % for both saturation 
                         temperatures tested. The obtained correlation presented very high 
                         sensibility when calculating the pressure drop along the 
                         microchannels, considering the geometric factors and heat transfer 
                         capabilities of such equipment, which was able to present a good 
                         correlation with the experimental data.",
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