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             abstract = "The selection and prioritization of areas that conform a specific 
                         objective contributes to optimize strategic decision making in 
                         environmental planning, such as the identification of preferential 
                         areas for the control and reduction of runoff rates, indicated as 
                         an effective solution in the preservation of watershed. In this 
                         sense, the objective was to make a deterministic model of the 
                         potential of surface runoff generation in the Mundau river basin, 
                         Ceara, Brazil. Multi-Criteria Analysis techniques were applied, 
                         among them: the Analytic Hierarchy Process and the Ordered 
                         Weighted Average associated with fuzzy logic. The variables soil 
                         use, land cover, slope, soil hydrological group, precipitation and 
                         flow accumulation were selected as criteria of the analysis, based 
                         on the Runoff Coefficient and the Soil Conservation System model. 
                         The results showed a lot of flexibility of the model in the 
                         strategic space of decision, being possible to identify the areas 
                         most appropriate to the generation of superficial flows. These 
                         areas are located in the western of the basin on its steepest 
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