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             abstract = "Aerospace engineering is a relatively newtopic in engineering. It 
                         deals with several aspects of activities related to space. It 
                         includes Astrodynamics, which is a field that studies the motion 
                         of spacecraft, like guidance and control, which studies different 
                         forms to guide the motion of a spacecraft, etc. All those fields 
                         started from the Celestial Mechanics, one of the first topics 
                         studied in Astronomy. The first studies had the goal to record and 
                         explain the motions of the stars, with special attention given to 
                         the motion of some irregular stars, which showed later to be 
                         planets. Considering the advances in the technology, those earlier 
                         studies generated the space activities that are well known 
                         nowadays. Different topics, like orbital and attitude maneuvers 
                         and determination of spacecrafts, mission design, etc. are 
                         covered. The present Focus Issue publishes several papers related 
                         to aerospace engineering in general and can be useful for further 
                         studies and planning of space missions.",
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