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             abstract = "Martensitic stainless steels can be used in different applications 
                         such as surgical instruments where a good wear and corrosion 
                         resistance are required. Surface modification treatments such as 
                         nitriding improve the mechanical properties of these steels, 
                         however; they affect the corrosion resistance. For this reason, 
                         the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coatings deposition can be 
                         convenient. The wear and corrosion behaviour was studied in duplex 
                         samples (nitrided and PACVD coated) and they were compared with 
                         nitrided and only coated samples and with those without treatment, 
                         only heat treated (quench and tempering). The coatings were 
                         analyzed by Raman spectroscopy and EDS. Pin on disk tests were 
                         performed and the adhesion was evaluated using Scratch Test and 
                         Rockwell C Indentation. The nano hardness was measured with a 
                         Berkovich indenter. The corrosion tests for surgical instruments 
                         (according to the Standard ASTM F 1089-02) and Spray Salt Fog 
                         tests were carried out. In the DLC coatings, the I-D/IG ratio was 
                         0.8 and the hydrogen content was calculated and resulted to be 
                         about 20 %. The coating thickness was 2 mu m and the hardness 
                         reached 24 GPa. The nitrided layer thickness was 10 mu m. The 
                         duplex and coated samples presented low friction coefficient and 
                         the wear volume loss was undetectable. The coatings had good 
                         corrosion behaviour in the corrosion tests. Nevertheless, the 
                         nitrided sample presented a corroded region in the copper sulfate 
                         and boil tests. The duplex samples had better adhesion than the 
                         coated samples in scratch test and indentation Rockwell C.",
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