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                         generalized frosts in the Pampa humeda region",
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             abstract = "Frosts are extreme weather events that affect, directly and 
                         significantly, human and economic activities, causing impacts and 
                         losses in many sectors. The frosts in central-northwest Argentina, 
                         a region called Pampa H{\'u}meda, need to be considered because 
                         the impacts in this region affects a great number of inhabitants 
                         and cause a big impacts in many type of production. This study 
                         proposed to identify the Generalized Frost events in the Pampa 
                         H{\'u}meda region between 1980 and 2016, after this it will be 
                         studied the linear and non-linear interactions 
                         (tropics-extratropics, wave-topography and wave-wave) on Rossby 
                         waves that are propagated in the Southern Hemisphere and that make 
                         synoptic disturbances that cause Generalized Frost in the Pampa 
                         H{\'u}meda. The dynamics mechanisms precursors of these events 
                         will be analyzed, seeing linear aspects related to the atmospheric 
                         circulation and the synoptic characteristics associated with 
                         Generalized Frost. This results will be compared with those 
                         obtained previously for another period (1961-1990). On the other 
                         hand, the nonlinear interactions (wave-basic state, wave-wave and 
                         wave-topography) will be analyzed before and during each 
                         Generalized Frost event, in order to determine if these mechanisms 
                         can be used as precursors. It will be evaluated if the intervening 
                         processes can explain the progress / stagnation and / or 
                         persistence of the Generalized Frost events in Pampa H{\'u}meda 
                         and also it will be analyzed how these non-linear interactions 
                         behave in a basic state during warmed state due to global climate 
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