author = "Sukhanov, Alexander and Prado, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de 
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             abstract = "The asteroid tethered swingby maneuver (ATSM) is analyzed in this 
                         paper. The maneuver implies turn of the spacecraft velocity by 
                         means of a tether anchored to an asteroid. Mission to Haumea dwarf 
                         planet is considered. The following spacecraft transfer 
                         trajectories with launch in 2025 and 2027 are analyzed in the 
                         paper: Earth-Jupiter-Haumea and Earth-ATSM-Jupiter-Haumea. Only 
                         asteroids bigger than 40km in diameter were considered in order to 
                         make hitting the asteroid by the tether anchor easier. Many Main 
                         Belt asteroids lowering total V of the transfers were found. Afew 
                         of them giving the maximum effect of ATSM were selected and the 
                         transfers using them are analyzed in details. It is shown that the 
                         ATSM using these asteroids would lower substantially the total V 
                         or shorten significantly the time of flight. Technical problems of 
                         the ATSM implementation, such as possibly big mass of the tether 
                         and anchor, difficulty of hitting the asteroid and anchoring the 
                         tether securely etc., are considered. These problems would not 
                         allow to implement the ATSM at present time, but hopefully will be 
                         solved in near future.",
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