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             abstract = "The diamond coating of tungsten carbide (WC)cobalt (Co) hard 
                         metals has been the focus of various research activities mainly 
                         due to growing interest in diamond-coated tools for industrial 
                         machining of different materials. In this work, multilayered 
                         diamond coatings have been grown on pretreated tungsten 
                         carbidecobalt substrates by hot-filament chemical vapor 
                         deposition. Two types of multilayer coatings have been prepared: 
                         (a) three-layer (alternating nanocrystalline diamond and 
                         microcrystalline diamond films) and (b) five-layer (alternating 
                         ultrananocrystalline and microcrystalline diamond films). The 
                         morphology, roughness, structure, thickness, adhesion of these 
                         coatings have been investigated using atomic force microscopy, 
                         field emission gun scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive 
                         X-ray spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, nanoindentantion and 
                         Rockwell C indentation tests at 600\ N load. Raman spectra 
                         of the two types of samples exhibited sharp characteristic bands 
                         of nanocrystalline diamond and a centered peak at 
                         1340\ cm\−1. The displacement of this peak in 
                         relation to the natural diamond peak (1332\ cm\−1) 
                         can be attributed to graphitic inclusions in diamond grain 
                         boundaries and the thermal coefficient mismatch of the multilayer 
                         coatingsubstrate system. Roughness surface measurements showed 
                         very smooth surfaces for both samples. Although the substrate has 
                         a high binder content, the results show that well-adhered chemical 
                         vapor deposition diamond multilayer coatings were produced.",
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